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We combine design and technology with
the very best service and affordability.
For more than 30 years, TESUTI has proved and guarantees the best quality and style on each product. Its great team of experts combined
with textile traditions, can ensure that TESUTI
is highly qualified for every aspect of this market. 

TESUTI's current market share is based mainly
on architects, designers, specifiers and other companies, which want to serve FR products
of high quality standards. A quality that meets 

Design and FR Technology

all standards associated with wear, stability, durability, washability and colour fastness.
On the other hand, one key advantage that TESUTI has is the engineering team,
which can deal with bespoke solutions extremely sophisticated.


Furthermore, during more than 30 years, TESUTI has consolidated a vertical production unit that give that certification of quality
and flexibility that the contract fabric's
market requires.


The Company

TESUTI was founded in 1983 by an entrepreneur from Sabadell, which had more than 30 years
of experience on the textile industry. Due to his vision and the very best professionals, today 

TESUTI sells its products through an extended commercial network all over the world
which makes us a reference company for
the contract market.

Our Products

We offer you a great variety of contract fabrics carefully selected for hotels, restaurants, large projects, public spaces, schools, theatres and other projects for which our clients may require FR certifications, for example the automotive industry (buses, trains and ships). 


All our FR products are weaved with special FR threads, whose fibres have been modified in their molecular structure to obtain a permanent flame retardant and auto-extinguisher property,  fulfilling all national and international regulations and certifications and achieving a great quality standard. This dedication to quality makes us capable to accomplish all safety certification
such as CLASS 1 and EN 45545:2 2013 R21.

Our persistency has reward us with new challenges in which our quality shine and our quality is recognized. Is the case of the Railroad upholstery which now is being sold over Europe.

It is a need to mention that our fabrics obtain the top qualifications in each segment
but in this particular case, the fabric obtains
the HL3 certification which makes us able to sell our fabrics all over Europe.

Contact Us

Our mission is to serve our client with the best service and quality, through our bespoke solutions or through our stock service, and to become day after day a reference for the textile industry in Europe.

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