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R21 HL3 Certificated

For more than thirty years we have

produced fabrics for all types of sectors, both for hotels and for upholstery for air transport. After all this time we have
invested in research on alternatives and substitutes to classical materials as well
as new structures in order to improve 

our fabrics.

The investment in time and resources
to develop new fabrics has paid off and finally we can present NorthK under the brand KAIROS, being the flagship product of the upholstery for rail transport and complying with the European regulation

UNE-EN 45545: 2 2013 R21 HL2.

NorthK Fabric

For centuries, animal and vegetable matter has been used for processing all kinds of fabrics. Virgin wool has been used for decades to produce the upholstery for the majority of seats in the subways and trains all over Europe.
After our development of NorthK we can now provide a more reliable, resistant fabric and more stable prices without depending on animal matter.


Of course if you want to review the difference, contact us and experience the benefits of KAIROS‘ products.

Benefits compared to ZirPro finished traditional wool fabrics

Higher flame
resistance (+2% LOI)

Higher hydrophobic qualities

Higher resistance
to friction

Dries quickly

Less wrinkles

Clean visual design 
due to regular
yarn fibers

Higher resistance
to bacterial organisms

Softer touch

Higher resistance to colour degradation

Brighter colours

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